My Level 7 Diploma in Management Consultancy


Finally got my thesis assessed and approved with my certificate arriving in the post over the weekend.

What does it mean, well, firstly it has been a hard slog, but I’ve been able to accredit what I’ve been helping organsiations do for the last 15 years or so.

The units that were assessed via evidence from clients during live projects were:

Consultant-client relationships

Manage relationships with clients

Develop a common understanding with a consultancy client of their problems/opportunities

Appraise with a consultancy client options to address their problems/opportunities

Plan the implementation of solutions with a consultancy client

Facilitate the implementation of solutions with a consultancy client

Professional, ethical and quality standards in consultancy work

Develop, maintain and review personal networks

Develop working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders

Work productively with colleagues and stakeholers.

It’s also been an interesting journey with my Invesotrs in People clients as during my demonstration of competence, I’ve worked with two of these clients to provide evidence for the thesis. In that same timeframe, they have been recognised as Investor in People organisations enabling us to take another another meaningful output from my accreditation.

I’m looking forward to widening the offer to potential clients as more want to share the Investors in People experience.


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