Team Event – “Going for Growth”

We’ve been able to join the resources of our partner organisations & to develop a team development activity that we’ve called “Going for Growth”.

Putting together the teambuilding experience of Alex & Gill Gallon, together with the members of our design, planting and growing teams at Potash Nursery we are now able to offer a tailor-made team event.

The latest event was staged last week when we had three teams of salespeople, each with an opportunity to work on three tasks:

Task 1         – come up with a design for a small plant border, selecting from a variety of plants within the Nursery (with a prize for best design)

Task 2         – learn how to pot on a tomato plant, pepper and strawberry (take the best one home with you to keep)

Task 3         – work together to plant out a row of carrots and a row of onions. Each team worked on a diffferent way of planting (we will be able to monitor which team was most successful later in the year)

We are looking to offer this unique approach to other teams and organisations wishing to “go for growth”.

Some images from the event:


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