Employee Engagement – New Courses Launched

We are pleased to offer these two new courses on both an in-company and open basis following their successful implementation in several organisations.

These programmes are designed to assist organisations to springboard employee engagement initiatives in their organisations.

Why employee emgagement?

Employee Engagement

David MacLeod and Nita Clarke were asked by the UK government in the autumn of 2008 to take an in-depth look at employee engagement and to report on its potential benefits for companies, organisations and individual employees. Their report, often referred to as the ‘MacLeod Review’ identified four key ‘enablers’ that are found in highly engaged organisations, and which are linked to various piece of evidence throughout this document.

The four enablers of employee engagement have proved to be useful lenses which can help organisations assess the effectiveness of their approaches:

  • Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it’s come from and where it’s going.
  • Engaging managers who focus their people and give them scope, treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch their people.
  • There is employee voice throughout the organisations, for reinforcing and challenging views, between functions and externally, employees are seen as central to the solution.
  • There is organisational integrity – the values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours. There is no ‘say –do’ gap

Releasing the potential of an engaged workforce holds the prospect of reducing costs associated with sickness, absence, employee turnover, production errors, accidents and inefficient processes. It also holds the prospect of improving productivity, customer satisfaction, customer retention and innovation.

Any one of these mechanisms is capable of delivering substantial benefits to the bottom line performance of organisations. The question of how to proceed remains unanswered, as this will depend on the specific circumstances of individual organisations, but the evidence in this report suggests that the best place to look for answers is with your employees.

New Course 1

“Making it everyone’s business” – Brand & Employee Engagement

Who should attend?

This is a workshop designed for senior managers from any size of organisation operating in any sector. Ideally members of that “top team” responsible for the strategy and direction of their organisation. This workshop will enable managers/owners/partners & stakeholders to gain an better understanding of how to link their brand to employee engagement for the benefit of their clients.

Workshop content

  • An introduction to values, mission & vision
  • How to ensure brand alignment at organisational, team & individual level
  • An introduction to core competencies and performance management
  • Real life examples, how other organisations do it
  • A framework for managing cultural change
  • An action plan for future performance.


By the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • A clear understanding of the benefit of either values, mission or vision and why these are important as part of a strategic narrative
  • Gained an appreciation of how to introduce these to their own organisation
  • Developed a draft strategic narrative
  • Discovered how to align brand engagement & employee engagement
  • Understood and adapted the principles of a balanced scorecard approach to measuring success
  • Developed measuremement criteria at organiational, team & individual level.

New Course 2

“Making it everyone’s business” – Investors in People

Who should attend?

Those wanting to find out more about Investors in People, the advantages it can bring to your organisation and what happens once you make a decision to work with this international quality standard. It is also designed for those who have just started to work with the Standard and want to gain a better understanding of the support and resources available to them.

Workshop content:

  • An introduction to the Standard
  • Features & benefits of Investors in People
  • How the principles work and what resources & support are available
  • Real life examples, how other organisations have benefited
  • How to win support for implementing the Standard
  • How to plan for the future with the Standard


By the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • A clear understanding of the IiP framework, who is involved and how it will work within their organisation
  • Gained an appreciation of how to introduce the benefits of IiP to their own organisation
  • The knowledge to communicate & promote IiP to the rest of their organisation
  • Discoveredthe range of support and assistance available to them on the journey towards recognition and beyond
  • Benchmarked where their organisation is against the Standard and what the next steps are towards gaining recognition

Open courses can be booked via our Open Course link on http://www.profilehrd.com/training-and-development/open-courses/

We can arrange for any of our workshops to be delivered at a client’s premises, customised to their particular requirements. Please email alex.gallon@profilehrd.com for more information.


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