“Making it everyone’s business”

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing our experiences in working with organisations to develop and review employee engagement strategies using our framework of “making it everyone’s business.”

Organisations of all sizes and sectors have achieved substantial benefits working with our framework.

Employee engagement is much more than reviewing a set of mathematical formulae from a survey and ticking a few boxes, hopefully watching your scores rise! Useful monitoring, but is it really helping your business.

So what is the framework?

It consists of 5 objectives that form the basis of our “partnership” with the organisation. We will be explaining our work in more detail in the coming weeks, however, in the meantime, these 5 objectives focus on:

1. SHARED DIRECTION …… “understanding the business we are in and want to be in”

2. SHARED CULTURE …… “agreeing our values and the good habits that bind us together”

3. SHARED LEARNING ……”how we continuously learn to improve ourselves”

4. SHARED EFFORT ……”developing one organisation driven by flexible teams”

5. SHARED INFORMATION ……”developing effective communication throughout the organisation”

Each week we will take an objective and follow the 3 stages from starting out, through improvement plans, to planning for continuous development.


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