“Making it everyone’s business” – Objective 1

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing our experiences in working with organisations to develop and review employee engagement strategies using our framework of “making it everyone’s business.”

Organisations of all sizes and sectors have achieved substantial benefits working with our framework.

We previously indicated that the framework consisted of 5 objectives that form the basis of our “partnership” with the organisation.


(employee engagement lever = top team open to new ideas/inputs?)

Stage 1: Starting out

We usually find we have some form of plan developed from the MD/CEO’s vision. The plan will have been shared to some extent with employees and expected performance criteria will normally be in place.

Stage 2: Our Interventions

We need the opportunity to challenge the top team about its vision, discover whether individuals and teams can articulate the vision and make the connection between what they do and the organisation does.

We focus on top team development by sharing values, good habits, an agreed vision and how functional/team contributions will be agreed.

Stage 3: Continuous development

The outcomes will be participative planning is enabled, local/functional/team planning is facilitated and that there is a recognised need to continuously extend the flexibility of the organisation’s planning process.

Next week – Objective 2, SHARED CULTURE

(employee engagement lever = honesty and integrity of our brand?)


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