“Making it everyone’s business” – Objective 2

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing our experiences in working with organisations to develop and review employee engagement strategies using our framework of “making it everyone’s business.”

Organisations of all sizes and sectors have achieved substantial benefits working with our framework.

We previously indicated that the framework consisted of 5 objectives that form the basis of our “partnership” with the organisation.

Objective 2 : SHARED CULTURE

(employee engagement lever = honesty and integrity of our brand?)

Stage 1: Starting out

We usually find that most managers are fair to their people and are involved in running the business. Commitment is to customers and customer service and the organisation is trying to find ways to tackle the fear of change.

Stage 2: Our Interventions

We create the opportunity to agree with the organisation:

1. Its corporate management style.

2.  Those leadership behaviours which demonstrate tomorrow’s capability.

We develop a plan for “localised” management development & team building focused on a shared agreement about “what good management & leadership looks like”

Stage 3: Continuous development

We create a performance management process using measures to ensure blame is removed, culture is competitive and change is embraced.

Next week – Objective 3, SHARED LEARNING

(employee engagement lever = opportunities for personal growth?)


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