“Making it everyone’s business” – Objective 3

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing our experiences in working with organisations to develop and review employee engagement strategies using our framework of “making it everyone’s business.”

Organisations of all sizes and sectors have achieved substantial benefits working with our framework.

We previously indicated that the framework consisted of 5 objectives that form the basis of our “partnership” with the organisation.


(employee engagement lever = opportunities for personal growth?)


Stage 1: Starting out

We usually find that some organisations have performance measures and standards agreed and that employees have a basic understanding of what it means to be competent or indeed of the term competence. Recruitment & selection practices are usually fair.

Stage 2: Our Interventions

We create the opportunity to agree with the organisation:

1. How individuals can sign up to their own development.

2. How leadership can be developed to achieve targets that stretch them.

3. How high performance becomes an expectation.

We develop a plan together the organisation that enables development & growth based upon a “good to better to best” approach.

Stage 3: Continuous development

We create a development strategy that seek to develop the person, where managers become coaches and the organisation builds “tomorrow’s capability”

Next week – Objective 4, SHARED EFFORT

(employee engagement lever = a sense of belonging)


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