“Making it everyone’s business” – Objective 4

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing our experiences in working with organisations to develop and review employee engagement strategies using our framework of “making it everyone’s business.”

Organisations of all sizes and sectors have achieved substantial benefits working with our framework.

We previously indicated that the framework consisted of 5 objectives that form the basis of our “partnership” with the organisation.


Objective 4 : SHARED EFFORT

(employee engagement lever = the importance of job to organisational success)

Stage 1: Starting out

We set about to establish whether managers are acting as team leaders and whether team performance measures actually exist. It’s also vital to discover where team problem solving opportunities exist in the organisation.

Stage 2: Our Interventions

We create the opportunity to agree with the organisation:

1. How teams are trained as effective units

2. How much discretion is given to teams.

3. What internal customer expectations exist

We develop a plan together with the organisation that provides for localised team building  with a focus on internal customer standards and good habits

Stage 3: Continuous development

We create a development strategy that seeks to stimulate:

1. Inter-team work

2. Ad hoc teams to facilitate corporate goals

3. A climate where the team is the organisation

Next week – Objective 5, SHARED INFORMATION

(employee engagement lever = future orientation)


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