Staff Representatives Course – Testimonials


Hi Glen

Just a note to say how well the course run by Alex went on Thursday and Friday.

We all bonded really well and had fun along the way too with the soft skills activities and in general the whole course content.

A fantastic day and a half learning the skills that each and everyone of  us agreed that we all felt we needed. Also the start of a bonded positive thinking group.

Alex the tutor was fantastic and obviously his true professionalism shone though the whole time.

Looking forward to putting the skills to use.

Thanks for organising this essential training for us Glen.

Tony (Technical Services Representative)”


The training last week left me with confidence of the group I will be working with and the expectation that we should be able to carry out required meetings professionally .

The input from Alex was both interesting and informative showing the challenging sides of this new role.

The pace of training was delivered well and the mixture of tasks and information was for me pitched just right.

Kevin (IT & Facilities Representative)”


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