A Training Needs Analysis – at Team Level

Following our post, last week, when we identified some of the key thoughts on producing a training needs analysis (TNA) at organisational level, this week we turn to the second of the 3 levels of analysis:

TNA – Team Level  

Our outcome is to engage with our line managers to produce a “team training plan”.

There are two key elements to be considered during this engagement:

1. Ensuring the team managers owns their own plan

2. Ensuring the plan has a process involving team managers in validating and evaluating

The IIP framework offers a staged approach for producing the plan as follows:

1. The team manager determines the team’s training needs from the outcomes of the performance management process (this should be designed to fit the organisation’s purpose and use appropriate measurement criteria).

2. The team manager develops the team training plan together with any specialist L & D/HR support (if available). An initial budget is agreed and resources matched to proposed approaches & methods.

3. The team manager agrees the team’s training priorities with a member of their senior management team to ensure that the plan matches organisational priorities for performance.

4. The team manager then communicates training plan/priorities and budget to the team. The emphasis is on “sharing and learning” as a team

5. The team manager looks to provide opportunities for feedback from key individual learning to the team as a whole.

6. The team manager continues to monitor the validation and evaluation of training activity with his/her team via cost and benefit statements.

Next week, individual training needs analysis.


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