A Training Needs Analysis – at Individual Level



The IIP framework offers a staged approach for producing the plan as follows:

1. The Team Manager and the individual review potential learning & development priorities by striking a right balance between organisational and individual development needs. Also they should consider appropriate development in the context of the team’s needs.

2. Individual needs are thought through by considering different opportunities and learning preferences. Use of an appropriate “L & D Expert” may be useful here.

3. The Team Manager and the individual meet ahead of the learning activity to briefly review joint expectations from the activity.

4.  The Team Manager and the individual meet after the learning activity to briefly review joint actions following the activity. At this point anticipated costs and benefits can be reviewed against actual.

5. The Team Manager should provide opportunities (where appropriate) for dissemination of information from the learning activity to be communicated from individual to their team.

6.  The Team Manager and the individual continue to review learning outcomes and further needs on both an informal and formal basis.

It is extremely useful to constantly review any performance review process to ensure that it is fit for organisational, team and individual purpose.

Before we finish our IIP journey into TNA, we need to remind ourselves about the importance of the organisation’s training philosophy (perhaps, policy) and how it should reflect how the three sets of needs are prioritised.

This will assist us in making sure that both the validation and evaluation of any learning activities reflect how the organisation values the importance of learning.

For example, the ethos of the organisation might be that the individual is key and that will be the focus for training investment. It may be that the “team is king” and therefore that will be where training spend might be concentrated.

It could be that there is to be substantial change in the organisation and therefore training activities that support that organisational change become imperative.

If you’d like to know more about our work as accredited IIP Specialists, please e-mail alex.gallon@profilehrd.com


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