Does your training matter? (Week 2)


Training Matters1

In Week 1 we set out to define the criteria for what matters to the organisation. This is how we are able to determine whether our training really matters. The four key criteria we identified last week were:

1. The efficiency of the training function

2. Key performance indicators for the organisation

3. Return on training investment

4. The organisation’s psychological capital

In Week 2, we start to look at the efficiency of the training function. As with any other function within the organisation, we need our KPIs in place and equally importantly are expounding the values of the organisation as part of every training intervention. What should be on your training KPI agenda?

You will need to choose the most appropriate, however, here are some thoughts:

– the types of learning available (diversity of workforce .v. diversity of your training offer)

– take up of opportunities (measure diversity of workforce .v. diversity of your training offer)

– comparison of types of training available against organisational KPIs

– the actual spend on training compared with data about spending patterns from other organisations

– training days per employee

– off-the-job training days

– training spend as a % of salary bill

– % of staff with PDPs (or career development plans)

– an organisational skills profile .v. KPIs

– an organisational qualifications profile against KPIs

– % staff deemed competent

– % of internal promotions/appointments

– qualitative assessment data from focus groups/managers etc.

– succession planning or career planning data (how many people prepared for next career move)

Week 3, we will consider the link between organisational KPIs and training interventions.



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