Does your training matter? (Week 3)

 Training Matters1

In Week 1 we set out to define the criteria for what matters to the organisation. This is how we are able to determine whether our training really matters. The four key criteria we identified last week were:

1. The efficiency of the training function

2. Key performance indicators for the organisation

3. Return on training investment

4. The organisation’s psychological capital

In Week 2, we looked at the actual efficiency of the training function.

In week 3 we offer key measurement criteria/data from the efficiency of the training function and its potential impact on the organisation’s KPIs. Again, you choose the criteria in discussions with your top team members :

– revenue/surplus per employee

– profit/surplus per employee

– sales per employee

– achievement of learning & development initiatives that contributed directly to KPIs

– use of data from the performance management process to identify movement in ratings/scores/competencies etc.

– use of data from employee satisfaction surveys of impact of learning & development

– use of data from management evaluation of learning & development initiatives

– data from pre & post learning surveys

– data from talent management surveys

– data from the evaluation of induction and/or leavers


Next week, we consider return on training investment


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