“To sell and to serve”

To sell and to serve seem to be contradictory activities, one dominant, the other submissive” (Philip Delves Broughton – Life’s a Pitch).

Getting the balance right between care and commerciality in whatever “leading” role you play is a continuous challenge.

This has been emphasised by many in promoting consultancy as different from selling. Whether you call it selling or consultancy you need a structured approach in order to secure a more lasting relationship with clients:

1. You as a Counsellor and the question to be asking is what is the client’s challenge? The objective is to get them to wallow around in their vision, issues & challenges in your area of expertise.

2. You as a Story Teller giving real examples relating your experience to the client’s challenge, in other words, here’s how you can help. The objective is to demonstrate your credibility.

3. You as a Business Person challenging yourself and your own business by asking do I want to help? The objective here is to check to make sure we have the real issues. Can we do good business and add mutual value.

4. You as a Project Manager asking how do we start and where do we go from here? The objective here is to move to closing, what does the client think of the solution and what do we need to do next.

So, what’s your challenge?