Leadership – engaging you brain


It’s by now a well established fact that productivity, creativity, mental and physical health are better served when leaders adopt behaviours that encourage engagement.

Blake & Mouton’s “3P’s Model” enabled us to identify with the practical behaviours needed for leaders to strike the right balance between care and commerciality.

This approach promotes the idea of leaders, pausing, engaging their brains, thinking about the situation they are in and adopting the following behaviours :

  1. Giving information that can then lead to a free choice and using this approach as the basis for personal action rather than enforced compliance.
  2. Seeking active participation in problem solving and decision making as the basis for growth and development.
  3. Working from a position of mutual trust and respect as being the basis for sound human relationships rather than suspicion and defensiveness.
  4.  Communicating openly  to seek mutual understanding rather than one-way, hidden, or closed communication which increases barriers to understanding.
  5. Ensuring that activities are carried out within a framework of goals and objectives for self-direction rather than direction from outside.
  6. Conflict resolution is by direct problem-solving confrontation rather than by other ways i.e. suppression, smoothing, withdrawing, compromising or manipulation.
  7. Promoting that one is responsible for one’s own actions rather than being responsible to someone else.
  8. Using feedback to learn from experience rather than repeating one’s mistakes because experience is not reviewed or learnt from.
  9. Ensuring a person is engaging in complex work activities or a variety of activities in contrast to engaging in simple ones or in repetitions of the same activity.

This is situational leadership, but with an emphasis on engagement.


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