Can your management team support engagement?


Research by the Corporate Leadership Council suggests that manager-led actions that impact on employee engagement fall into two sets of development needs.

1. Performing a dual role

a) Managing employee work and their performance

b) Managing an employee’s relationship with their organisation

2. Possessing competencies that are proven to support employee engagement

a) Setting realistic performance expectations

b) Articulating organisational goals

c) Breaking work projects into manageable “chunks”

d) Encouraging and committing to innovation

e) Encouraging and working with the differences between people

f) Adapting to changing circumstances

g) Continuously connecting work and organisational goals

h) Accurately evaluating employee potential

This research can be vital when considering investment in your management team. It’s also vital to consider your business goals and any future changes in the organisation as these too have an impact on the competencies your managers will need to manage employees under these circumstances.


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