Emerging ambition

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We recently published an article on “Future Skills Planning – A seven step process” in which we discussed why it is essential to have a people development plan that starts with the organisation’s ambition.

In that article we suggested following a structured approach by working through our recommended series of questions.

“Global Talent 2021 – a study conducted by Oxford Economics and Towers Watson”, has also identified a top twenty of emerging skill sets for the future.

The questions and the checklist may help in constructing that development plan based upon your organisation’s ambition.


  • Foreign language skills
  • Ability to manage diverse employees
  • Understanding international markets
  • Ability to work in multiple overseas locations
  • Understanding international markets

Digital skills

  • Digital business skills
  • Ability to work virtually
  • Understanding of corporate IT software & systems
  • Digital design skills
  • Ability to use social media

Agile thinking

  • Ability to consider and prepare for multiple scenarios
  • Dealing with complexity and ambiguity
  • Innovation
  • Managing paradoxes, balancing opposing views
  • Ability to see the big picture

Building relationship

  • Relationship building with customers, partners, governments etc.
  • Teaming (including virtual teaming)
  • Co-creativity and brainstorming
  • Collaboration
  • Oral and written communications

In no particular order, but a really useful checklist to get started with.




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