Competency Frameworks and Brand Identity

We are currently working with a client at a strategic level to develop a competency framework that can be of benefit to our client’s clients.

Firstly, it will afford the client’s clients a unique opportunity to examine and select the underpinning knowledge & skills distinctly required for their particular project.

Secondly, it will ensure that the respective brand values and cultures are better aligned.

Of course, the most common uses of these frameworks are for:

– selection & assessment

– reviewing performance & appraisal

– training & development

– paying and grading

In this particular project, we have taken a classic knowledge, skills and behaviours approach (KSB) to develop:

1. A Knowledge & Skills matrix which exists at three levels: Entry, Developmental & Expert.

2. A Behavioural framework, based upon corporate values which also exists at three levels: Good, Better, Best.

Communication is the key to any successful competency framework initiative to ensure people continue to understand the purpose of the framework and how it will be used and kept up to date.

Incorporating any framework into any organisation’s people management practices is a challenging task which is best undetaken in stages. Training of line managers(end users) is imperative to use it effectively. Form there it can be “drip fed” into various other processes until it is embedded in the organisational culture.

Early signs are that this business tool can add value to business relationshiops.