Hold on tight!

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Much is offered in support of organisations and their efforts to increase employee engagement.

In my experience, I’m yet to find a universal panacea. Although there are “assessments”, “reviews”, and “surveys” purporting to be just that. These are all very well and can be useful, but it’s what you do before and after that really counts.

What seems to me to be true is that whatever the size of the organisation is, there needs to be essentially two plans:

1. An attraction plan

2. A retention plan

Whilst there is some overlap between the two, there are clearly some tangible and some non-tangible aspects of both.

At “Brand Learning”, for instance, they define an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as: “the unique set of attributes and benefits that will motivate target candidates to join a company and current employees to stay”. What is also interesting is this can involve a combination of HR & Marketing.

What should then be considered as part of the two plans?

Attraction ………. your online presence, your efforts in terms of corporate social responsibility, your brand positioning,  career and development opportunities for your people and pay including benefits.

Retention ……….. how actual jobs fit into the organisation and add value. The communication styles and media you use. Again, under this heading, the career and development opportunities for your people. Each employee’s specific wellbeing needs. What leadership style prevails across the organisation and of course, how you recognise and reward people.

Start to make plans to manage the gaps and hold on tight!